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The Gardening Coach

Catharine Howard is the Gardening Coach. Contact her for gardening advice and visit for more information.

August 31, 2016 | Why I did not visit Jupiter Artland

Visitors to the  Edinburgh Festival and its cuckoo offspring, the Fringe, will find themselves beetling about from venue to venue in a mad rush to fit everything in.  In the frantic scurry-about, wearing down shoe-leather, the beauty of Edinburgh’s setting and architecture seeps into the soul.

This year we decided to take in landscapes as well:  [...]



September 19, 2010 | Playing with scale

There is a walk round here that I go on nearly every day.  The landscape is pretty spacious and empty.  We are in Suffolk which is the county of the large skies.  It is what you get with flat ground.

London is not much over an hour away by train but this is the empty quarter. [...]