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The Gardening Coach

Catharine Howard is the Gardening Coach. Contact her for gardening advice and visit for more information.

December 4, 2013 | Dr Noel Kingsbury and the daffodils

A banner for a recent lecture read:   ”The Daffodil – The remarkable story of the world’s most popular flower”.   These floral popularity stakes are bemusing.  Without a doubt you might single out the peony, tulips and certain roses.    But the daffodil?  I can count more customers than I have toes and fingers [...]



April 18, 2010 | Mellow Yellow

Am I alone in finding last week’s radio rant  about daffodils in the countryside  just a little bit wierd?  Setting off for work, enjoyment fought with a sense of guilt as I drove past the splash of yellow breaking out down drives, by bus-stops and beside village greens.

We have just clamboured out of the greyest [...]



April 11, 2010 | Oh No what has happened to my daffodils?

What I have pictured here is a seriously naff daff which has arrived unbidden in our garden.

We had, alas, to bury our beloved dog on December 2nd last year and cheered ourselves up by the choosing and planting of a beautiful form of daffodil on her grave.

The choice was Narcissus  Mrs RO Backhouse, a traditional [...]